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How often should I look at my estate plan?


Question:  How often should I have my estate plan reviewed or updated?

Answer:  The general rule is that you should review your estate plan with an estate planning attorney every five to ten years, or sooner if a life-changing event takes place, such as the death of a spouse, an inheritance, the birth of a child, a major illness, or any other similar major event. 


Not only do our tax and estate laws change on a regular basis, but people and their circumstances change as well.  This applies to the people and organizations that you wish to receive your estate, as well as the people you have named to handle the tasks of closing out and distributing your estate. 


One of the most frequent complaints that heirs express after the death of their parents is that "Mom had told me that she wanted things to be handled a certain way after her death, but that is not at all what her will said." 

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