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Are Estate Taxes Paid Automatically?


ANSWER:      No. The beneficiaries of the estate must write a check to the IRS for the amount due.

Question:        I heard that the new tax law repeals estate taxes. Is that true? Does that mean I don’t have to worry about government taking any of my estate?


ANSWER:      A new federal tax law was passed increasing the tax-free amount you can leave to loved ones, and eliminating the federal estate tax in 2010.  Unfortunately, the new tax law doesn't eliminate state death taxes and repeals itself in 2011 (when the prior law springs back).  Therefore, now more than ever is when those with assets are energetically pursuing Estate Tax Elimination estate planning.


Question:        What is Estate Tax Elimination estate planning?


ANSWER:      It is estate planning that uses some seventy IRS approved tools and techniques to redirect estate and capital gains tax dollars away from taxes to family and charities.


Question:        What are some examples?


ANSWER:      We helped an elderly widow facing $1.3 million in estate taxes completely eliminate her estate taxes, while increasing her loved ones’ inheritance and giving more than $2 million to charity through the use of Charitable Trusts.

We also helped another lady save $160,000 in capital gains taxes on the sale of a farm and $352,000 in estate taxes using a Charitable Remainder Trust.  Her plan allowed her to allocate more than $800,000 to charity.


Question:        Why doesn’t everyone do this kind of planning?


ANSWER:      Because those who own assets don’t know they have a legitimate choice between paying taxes and helping their family and the charities of their choice.  That’s why Legacy Advisor Group is conducting educational seminars around the country.


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